🌚 Wed May 13 2020 — Facilitation Praxis

You’re invited to join P2PU’s check-in call about the praxis of facilitation on Wednesday, May 13, at 12 PM ET

This short one-hour call will be an informal discussion for anyone interested in sharing their approach to live online facilitation, specifically on the topic of encouraging and supporting a group learning process. Although essential to running any online experience, our aim is not to outline online tools, technical skills, or accessibility issues, some of which are already highlighted in COVID-19 Support discussion posts.

Those joining will be expected to share their online facilitation strategies and also discuss specific challenges they are encountering or anticipating.

How to join

  • Join by virtually by computer or smartphone by using this Google Meet link: meet.google.com/jzh-kqap-vjc
  • Phone Number (‪US‬)‪+1 435-708-1300‬‬ PIN: ‪PIN: ‪699 675 018#

Additional resources

Let us know if you can join by replying below.

Hope to see you then,


Yes, please. Thank you,

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I’m going to pass on this for now, since I am still in the pre-facilitation stage and don’t think I’ll have anything useful to offer the group. I’d love to join later on, after I finally take the facilitation plunge! Thank you for everything you are doing to keep us all communicating and building something.

I’ll be there! Currently facilitating my first online learning circle! :upside_down_face:

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I will be there but will have to bow out at about 12:45 for a doctor appt.

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I can attend. I think you probably notified others at my library that are already facilitating online learning circles, but I’ll forward the invite to them just in case.

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Thank you! Count me in.

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Hi Nico,

I confirm participation.

I will also plan to share what I anticipate I might face since I am yet to facilitate an online learning circle.

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@yusef Great see you then. You might think about this more broadly as well, as I know you are supporting patrons using whatsapp and sms. What might “text facilitation” look like, when supporting learners in different contexts like that?

Yes, Ulonda, you’re welcome too share it, but note that I won’t be explaining what a learning circle is exactly as we’ll be speaking about learner facilitation broadly.

Awesome! We aim to host these regularly, so look out for the next one, tentatively scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month June 10 at 2PM ET

Hi @Nico_Koenig et al,

Sorry I couldn’t make the session - but sounds like it was awesome :slight_smile:

I’m all about serendipitous learning opportunities so thought this might be worth sharing. I stumbled across an interesting webinar today on effective facilitation in forums from the Online Learning Consortium. Browsing their site revealed a library of webinar recordings on a broad range of learning topics including facilitation stretching back several years. Most of the ones I looked at are free to access.

While the main audience are clearly teachers/instructors/educators, there’s a lot of overlap with facilitation and some key topics around diversity, equity and transitioning to online environments during the pandemic that sound both interesting and relevant.


Hope you find something of interest!