🌚 Wed Aug 14 2019 — Community Call: P2PU Gathering Prep!

For this month’s community call, you’re invited to discuss and contribute to the agenda of the P2PU Gathering on Thursday, August 14 at 12 - 1 PM Eastern Time (when does this happen your time zone? ).

Topic and Agenda

The P2PU Gathering is all set with more than 40 of us joining from across the United States, Canada, and Germany!

We’ll be following up our last community call which focused on the Gathering’s logistics, goals, and audience, and now, we’re ready to present a detailed agenda. We’re eager to hear your thoughts about the agenda and confirm specific topics and activities that you might want to lead.

For those who are unable to attend, look out for the latest Gathering agenda, which will be posted on the community forum prior to the call.

Call Details

Let us know if you are able to join by replying below.

Hope to see you then,



Using Google Hangout:

  • You can connect for free using your web video capability, built-in microphone, typing through the chatbox or we can reach you by phone.
  • We encourage you to make use of the chatbox if there are many people attending. There are no requirements to have a video or a microphone to participate.

I’m unfortunately not able to attend on any Wednesday at 9am, so I will not be in attendance this time :frowning:

Sorry. I will not be able to attend.

@Marsha @aoliveras Thanks for checking in. No problem at all. I’ll post the complete agenda later on if you’re interested in seeing it.

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I’m unfortunately not able to attend