Webcraft 2.0 - What to do about Webcraft?

It looks like over the last years, more than 2900 people have signed up for the first Webcraft challenge in English (there are probably a few more if we add the Spanish version). That’s a sizable community. I think there is an opportunity to go back to Mozilla and suggest we do something with this community. We could either try to hand over responsibility to them, or ask for funding to do something more with School of Webcraft. It seems a shame to not do /anything/ though (Bekka has been saying this over and over btw).


A big part of the reason why the School of Webcraft is receiving so much attention is because it’s linked from the Mozilla developer documentation. I see in the analytics that traffic comming from Mozilla picked up considerably between December 2012 and April 2013. It seems to be a little down now.

My prediction would be that interest in the School of Webcraft will die soon if we just leave it. We need to partner with someone on this. Mozilla seems like a good partner, why the drop in interest over time from them?

ps. I think there’s some interesting things lurking in the data about School of Webcraft.

Someone mentions this a while ago and I just stumbled across it again. It seems like Mozilla moved away from the School of Webcraft a little?

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Talked with Dirk about this on a call. We fell there is too much potential to do nothing. Next step would be to take a proposal to Mozilla on what we’d like to do and see if they want to support it.

In order to do that, we should spend a little more time looking at the data to see what people do in the challenges and if they actually learn something (we could use a range of data, including traffic to the individual challenges, number of “joins”, and review some of the discussion within the challenges).

What do you think @vanessa?

We also have some very powerful stories from Webcraft, of real people learning real things to get real jobs. Danny Bautista and his crew in Columbia and others too.

If we do use data as a basis for making the argument, we should use those stories as well.

+1 to this!! it’s such a great brand and i think p2pu is an obvious place to have an active developer community. would be happy to support by contributing ideas and/or running another webcraft course when the time is right.

Same here. I got involved into P2PU thru School of Webcraft and it’s the school I fell most related to.

Hey y’all–I got into contact with Doug Belshaw and I’m putting together a proposal of what to do with the project moving forward. A few ideas:

  • flesh out the curriculum into 200 and 300 level courses
  • integrate new tools (webmaker, thimble)
  • develop new Badges in the 3.0 system

These are just off the cuff–other ideas?
Cheers, VMG

I can help designing a new report, in the style of the Berlin one, with some success cases, best stories, etc… That might be a good complimentary tool.

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@JoaoMenezes I like that idea!!

I can help out with gathering some data about the challenges.

How about that, @bekka?

i’d be interested in thinking through actual course content/badges at the 200/300 level! random ideas:

  • resurrect the reading code course (<3)
  • running and contributing to source projects, big and small
  • full stack developer - learn enough about servers and hosting to host and administer your own sh*t
  • databases for web development - postgresql, mysql, sqlite3, nosql databases, oh my… differences and advantages, hosting, security, scaling…
  • sockets and real time web apps
  • mobile development
  • modern front-end web development: yeomen, SASS, LESS, compiled html template languages…

@jessykate That sounds great! Things to maybe add:

  • Building HTTP APIs
  • WebGL

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