User Quotes on Badges

Wanted to share the quotes I’ve been collecting for our DML/MacArthur Final Report.

Quotes from Course Organizers:

“If you want to be able to award or recognize the completion of an assignment, task, or project in your P2PU or School of Open course, P2PU has built in system at Badges are a new, experimental way of recognizing learners’ achievements, kind of like a certificate for a pass/fail, but with feedback along the way. Check it out and let us know what you think!” --Jane Park, Project Manager, Creative Commons @jane

“Having youth design, make, and issue their own badges was a powerful experience. They identified what skills they had mastered and felt worthy of a badge, created artwork, thought through the criteria, and then posted their badge publicly. When work was submitted by others, they thought seriously about what was great about the work, what questions they had, and what might need further development. This was also a compelling way for youth and teachers to interact as peers around actual work products.” Karen Fasimpaur, Peer 2 Peer University, School of Ed

“Our students have consistently responded well to the idea of a badge, but very few have actually applied for the first,more ambitious one we made. When asked directly, they have indicated that they find the project daunting, and have agreed that a more incremental approach would be more appealing.” Pete Forsyth, Wikistrategies @PeteForsyth

“They are a nice token of a learner’s experience in a course, and so I see them as a way for folks to take something tangible (yet digital) with them. Plus, with links back to the work they did, a badge can serve as an easy way to link to a set of experiences, a central node that leads out to their learning process as documented on the web.” --Billy Meinke, Project Assistant, Creative Commons @billymeinke

Quotes from Youth Voices Learners:
(See all of the comments at the Youth Voices G+ community:

“One thing i remember from, the summer youth voices is working on badges, free writing, experiencing and a lot of other interesting stuff. The students that i will like to recognize is Mario, Areeg, Daisy, Quannajae, and Barbara. I want to thank them for their comments, feedback and for writing great pieces of work, their writing is wonderful and deep. The badges are 2. One of them is called Feelings and Experiences. Wel this badge presented something important like me writing in my journal about stuff that i experience in life and how i feel as the days go by.” --Jackelin Santos

“One thing I want to remember about Youth Voices would be the badges. Creating a badge gave me a sense of responsibility because now I am somewhat of an administrator of badges for people that are interested in mine. One of the badge that I created was the sleeping poet badge. Somehow to me it represents that even though for the past three weeks i’ve had to wake up sleepy at 7, I still manage to get up to go to the Youth Voices program and create different types of amazing poems, free writes, annotations, and much more.” Hamilton Fernandez

“Girl Scouts was a very important part of my childhood and when I first hear the word “badges,” that is where my brain takes me. In girl scouts, I felt like we were always working as a team to create an understanding of the world around us through field trips, arts and crafts and lessons. Upon completion, we would have a little ceremony and receive a colorful patch (that’s what they were really called) to sew onto our sash. After today’s presentation with Vanessa, I feel like I have another visual image of what a badge is. This one I feel is so much more relative to the “small” world that we live in today. In terms of my own memories and experience, the idea is still the same - working towards a goal and obtaining recognition for interest, passion, and determination. But unlike the barely worn sash, badges can be viewed by many and are easily accessed. They are more individualistic and begin to give little bits of who a person is and who they are becoming. As a teacher, I see this as a way to move students from extrinsic to intrinsic rewards - They can’t hold this badges in their hands, but they certainly know that they are there. Not only that, the fact that a student can get recognized for the style that they do their work in is a beautiful way to appreciate all types of learners and to highlight the uniqueness of all individuals.” --Marina Lombardo

“Badges are a way to show an accomplishment,maybe even an intrest or something your really good in,and even take pride in.Today,I shared that i have an intrest for cooking which i made a badge for,but it has to do with families and their ancestors cooking.I thought it was cool to try something new,that i never knew how to do.I’m interesting in making more badges for people who likes sports like basketball and even flag football but also learning english and also one for music.” --QuaNajae Cook

These are wonderful, VMG.
How did you collate them?

@bekka I reached out to the Badge community for quotes for our DML report :smile: