Updating info.p2pu.org (mostly removing content)

Hey @bekka - WIth the new homepage, there is now some duplication of content (for example people) that we used to store on info.p2pu.org. I think it would be a good small project to look at what’s on info currently, what can be removed (people page), what content or pages we still have to move somewhere else (e.g. a page about the organization should probably be on p2pu.org), and clean up info.p2pu.org to be just a simple blog ultimately.

What do you think?

Agreed - it would be very useful to map where the info is. But I’m not sure I agree that stuff should automatically be taken down if it’s in several place.

I think repeating info is often quite a useful thing to do - for example, telling people who we are and what we do makes sense to me to be on the blog AND on the homepage. As long as it’s the same info, and up-to-date of course!

It’s important to remember that people have multiple entry points into P2PU, be it via the blog, the website or elsewhere, so we should make sure that whatever these points are, they can find out what they need.

You are right that people come through multiple channels. Best solution would be to make sure the content is easy to find from wherever you are. So, if you enter through the blog, there should be an easy way to find the one About page (nightmare to keep content up to date in multiple places).

How about starting by making a list of the pages that are duplicates (or hard to find) and could be removed? We can than talk through it on our next call.

Adding @Erika so she is aware of this. It’s relevant to her work on the overall navigation.

As part of this, let’s also update the Thank you / Supporters page. Some of the content is a bit outdated, we are probably forgetting some folks, and if we made it look nicer (with logos) it would make it easier to attract other sponsors.