Upcoming Lab reports

I’m working on a list of upcoming Lab Reports for the next few months, and wanted to share the ones I’m planning, as well as ask for any ideas for future reports…
These are all working titles, they’ll be waaaay better in the future.

(For those unfamiliar, the Lab Reports are a series of in-depth editorials, where we present various projects/experiences at P2PU - you can see the ones we’ve done so far here: http://reports.p2pu.org/)

  1. Learning Creative Learning (before end 2013)
  2. How to Open Up your Data (without losing your head) (before end 2013)
  3. Badges & Assessment (a combined one? Or 2 individual?) (Jan/Feb 20140)
  4. How To build an open school (of open) (Feb/March 2014)

I like the data idea.

I do think there’s a branding question here–what story do we want to tell with these reports? Are they all about building learning communities (Research communities, LCL, School of Ed)? That might dovetail nicely with our Hewlett Grant on learning as being part of a community.

Also, @bekka I’ve been working on a new series of blog posts about assessment. @1L2P suggested that we combine them + the conversation around them into one of these reports.

I’ve always thought of them more as reports, rather than community building tools.

We do a lot of interesting experiments at P2PU, and try stuff that a lot of orgs don’t / can’t do, and the Lab Reports are our way of writing these up. Proof of concept documents, kind of.

I think one about assessment would be wonderful, a really good example of how we’re experimenting with new ways of thinking and doing stuff.

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Reports are a way to tell the world about the interesting things we do. Some are about building learning communities. Others about opening up our data, or running a virtual office. They are a better way of sharing our learnings (and telling our story) in a legitimate format.

I’m asking because I’d like to know what’s “in” and what’s “out”–I don’t think Badges would make a legit report, but maybe assessment would? Are we trying to tell larger stories or vignettes?

Both badges and assessment could be a report, depending on how we frame them.

How about this -> If something tells an interesting (small or large) story about our work, and we think it’s useful for people in the broader community, it’s in. If it can be more appropriately told as a blog post, then it’s out.

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Cool, so this makes me think that we have the following rough list for upcoming Lab reports:

Learning Creative Learning (before end 2013)
How to Open Up your Data (without losing your head) (before end 2013)
Badges & Assessment (a combined one? Or 2 individual?) (Jan/Feb 20140)
How To build an open school (of open) (Feb/March 2014)

Sounds good. Can you move the always up-to-date list into the first post of this thread (only you should edit that post)? That way we have the latest list at the top always.

Let me just throw in a vote that I’d love as much detailed info about the already run MMOOCs, especially hard numbers (number of sign ups, posts per weeks per person, any surveys you’ve run, etc).

Hi Bekka :slight_smile: hope you’re doing well. I just joined today so please forgive me if I’m not looking in the right place, but can you point me in the direction of where I can find the 4th item in your list? “how to run an open school”


Hi Daniel

Nice to meet you - and welcome. The Open School Lab Report hasn’t actually been written yet - but all the repots we have published can be found here: http://reports.p2pu.org/
Some of them may contain info you’re looking for; otherwise, please just ask and we’ll do our best to give you any info we can.

hey! that’s great…thanks for the link :smile:

how’s everything going? anything i can do to help at the moment?