The web gives us ownership and agency in edtech

This is a good article from Audrey Watters where she talks about the influence traditional LMSes (aka blackboard) had on education technology and how the open web as a platform offerst a better alternative where peers have ownership and agency.

If we think about new technologies like the Web as facilitating learning networks and as learners and learning communities as nodes on those networks, we can see a very different “shape,” if you will, to education technology than what the learning management system enables.

The Web versus a Wall. Distribution rather than seclusion. Reciprocity rather than recitation.

Nodes and networks need not be forcibly centered around the instructor, for starters. Learners — and we are all learners, not simply those who are formally enrolled in classes — can have say in what they create, how they create it, where they share it, how long they retain it, what it looks like.

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