The Positive and Negative Impact of Using Volunteers in Public Libraries

Lots of librarians have discussed the idea of volunteers running learning circles within the library or community centres. I haven’t read the whole thing, but I imagine this might be interesting read to many of you.

Quite resourceful and an eye opener. One point i have gathered is the importance of having a volunteer policy in place

@PurityM do you have a volunteer policy in place at KNLS / in Nakuru? We are working with some libraries now in the US who are trying to develop such policies.

I am not sure if we have one. @Juliana_Muchai please help us here.

Maybe you can share with us a copy of what you will develop with the US libraries we might borrow a leaf

Hi Grif and Purity,

We do not have a policy on Volunteers yet.

Thanks @Juliana_Muchai for the quick response. Hope @grif won’t mind sharing a copy of the same with us.