The first rule of peer learning

I was delighted to see this simple saying from our friends at Peeragogy that I think all facilitators should keep in mind while running a learning circle:

The first rule of thumb for peer learning is: don’t plan activities for others unless you plan to take part as a fully engaged participant.

I would also add, ‘don’t ask a question’ unless you plan to respond to the same question as a fully engaged participant.

What do you think? Do you agree with this rule? Are there other rules or sayings that you’ve used before to help you run learning circles?

By the way, there are lots of valuable practices shared throughout the Peeragogy Handbook. This quote was taken directly from ‘Adding Structure’ section of ‘Organizing a Learning Context’. Worth a look!


It does seem like that would be part of being a peer, doesn’t it?

Yes! It seems almost obvious, right?

I think the trick is that sometimes when people take the lead as the learning circle facilitator, even if they have an emphasis on “peer learning”, they sometimes take themselves, as facilitator, out of the picture.

Thanks so much for this info @Nico_Koenig,

I will look into it! I am grasping a little more the structure of the “course-in-a-box” that I forked at Github and I am halfway through laying out my course there.

Things are moving… :sun_with_face: :computer: :closed_book:

Ps: Ha, The name is so suggestive. "peer-agogy"