The English Now! ESL/ESOL scale-up project

The English Now! ESL/ESOL scale-up project, funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and sponsored by World Education, began in the fall of 2018 with sites in California, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas. As of November, 2019 there are still opportunities for other ESL/ESOL programs to participate in the scale-up. Those who may be interested should contact Priyanka Sharma at World Education < >

English Now! Scale-up Program Goals
● Expand access for learners and serve needs of learners on English class wait lists
● Increase learners’ comfort with using computers and mobile apps for learning
● Document face-to-face support for English language learners in learning circles when using online course materials and apps
● Plan and support Learning Circles’ sustainability and expansion within participating programs.

In the scale-up project, the learning circles are for immigrants who want to improve their English language skills, but participants do not have to be on a waiting list. For example, they can be enrolled in an English language class and attend the learning circle as a supplement to their classroom learning.