Thank you and goodbye

Hi everyone,

After three wonderful years working with P2PU, the time has come for me to say goodbye.

As some of you may know, while I’ve been working with P2PU I’ve also been working on a side business called Nomadic Labs. I’m happy to report that it’s doing well enough now that it wouldn’t be totally irresponsible for me to just work on it full-time. And with the additional pressures of Covid and childcare, it feels like the right moment for me to make the switch.

It’s been a privilege to do such meaningful and fun work with Becky, Dirk, Grif and Nico. This is a team that cares deeply about equitable access to education and I really couldn’t ask for better colleagues (and friends!).

It has also been lovely getting to know this community through our online discussions, video calls, and of course the Kansas City gathering. I can definitely say I have gained even more respect and appreciation for librarians.

So I want to say thank you to the P2PU team and this community for being the awesome people that you are and welcoming me into the fold.

This is a goodbye but not a total goodbye because I would love to stay in touch! I’m not super active on social media but you can find me on Twitter as @NomadicSharon and you can reach me by email at, and of course you can always message me here because I will still be hanging around this forum :slight_smile:

Take care!


Best of luck with everything, Sharon! We miss you. :pleading_face:

Best of luck to you Sharon! With your talent I am sure whatever you pursue will be successful. Great to work with you over the last few years.