Team Process Updates from Boston Meeting

We spent some time discussing collaboration and communication among the team. We all agreed that working virtually is hard and that team members need support locally (working in a good environment, maybe embedding in other org) and there are ways to strengthen the felling of connectedness between us using technology.

Here are the concrete take-aways from the meeting. If any of these require further discussion, let’s pick it up on the community call. I propose we start adopting these as of now:

  • One no-meeting day a week. Each team member to block off one day, without substantive meetings (small check-ins are fine). Please share which day is yours with the team.
  • Hipchat is our default. When we are online, we hangout out in hipchat. The goal is to build a stronger sense of social presence, feeling like we are working as a team; and give us a quick way to ask questions for each other.
  • Philipp will stop writing emails during calls unless they are written collaboratively in an etherpad (In my defense, I thought this was efficient - I didn’t realize how annoying it is)

We didn’t get to a conclusion on embedding ourselves in other organizations, but my sense is that everyone thought it was a good idea. If there is anything P2PU can do to help the process (invitation letters, etc.), or you want to talk through good possible hosts, just let me know.

This all makes sense to/for me.
Fridays are pretty much offline days for me, so happy to keep it like that.
Although, as a technical part-timer, I guess it’s different for me.

Sounds good to me too! In general I already have Mondays and Wednesdays that way (except for short standups).

I think it is OK as well.
I would like to keep my Fridays are free of meetings like they were up until now.

I’l keep Wednesdays free. And I’m in the hipchat right now :smile: