Teaching History Using Technology

I am currently teaching AP US History in a public school in Michigan. The state trend is moving away from funding public education and funding online schools. I want to move in this direction myself so I may continue teaching a subject I love.

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Hi Joseph

You might want to take a look at this great tool for history visualisations: http://www.histropedia.com/
which pulls data from wikipedia to create lovely timelines…


Teaching History with technology changed my whole world for the better. The fusion of disciplines experienced in a tech-heavy history classroom is (to my knowledge) unique in secondary education. Unfortunately (or fortunately-- you know how it goes, I think: I cannot say for sure) I eventually left the classroom due to difficulties similar to your own, and the totally borked politics of a teaching job.

Hope to talk about this with you at some length though-- Hist & Tech are really where it’s at!