'Take a Tour' page on p2pu.org

Hey @Erika

I thought a lot about the “Take a Tour” feature–basically that getting involved with P2PU isn’t really linear, and I like @1L2P’s conception of open learning as travel/eurostar from awhile back.

So here’s a mockup of passage through P2PU sort of as a “subway” style. The copy is written from the point of view of what each experience offers you, so it’s more of a “tour” than an overview (which w/b front page). LMK what y’all think (it sort of exported funny).

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  • Map/network metaphor


  • I’m not sure it is important to have everything on one page in one map. As I said above, I like the metaphor, but would this be easier as a set of cards?
  • Related to last point. The map might make it hard to update in the future (which, means it won’t get updated).
  • Account creation doesn’t have a lot of value to the user. Would make “Start here” about something they might want to do - Join the conversation (you still have to create an account to do that, but now I understand why I want to create the account).


  • Promotes “consumer” view of P2PU > Take a course. Sign-up for a MechMOOC. I think our audience for this are the innovators/ contributors, e.g.: Do you want to build the university for the web, as part of an online community of people who care? Create an account and join the discussion.

@vanessa you really did a nice job I have to say. I can get a lot of inspiration for design with this.
With what Philipp said I do think that presenting a lot of options at once is not such a bad idea, since is all seen like a roads one can take, the idea is easy to grasp and most importantly is fresh, not something I have seen a lot of times before on other pages.

I will not digg in the copy, since that is not my forte at all and will leave this to you guys, but I like what @1L2P is saying. I like the way he thinks about the “end user” of this feature.

The take a tour feature is something that will help clarify what we are about and that we are not just another online learning site. We would like for people to chime in, to let them know there is no “them” and “us” that we want to be “us” all the way, which I think is the strongest point of P2PU besides of being open and what is different about us. But still we need to present us and not just tell them join in and be a part of “us”, before they have the feeling of what we mean by “us”.

So to end my philosophical chant about P2PU on a sever jetlag I also think we can put in more invitation wise text, but let’s be aware not to sound to tacky and “advertisy”. Maybe we can make it more of an offer than an invitation (just thinking black on white here)?

All in all I will say once again that I love what you did with it, GOOD JOB mozz :smile:

I think we should let @Erika take more 24 hour trips, great feedback!

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