Success story from Nakuru in the EIFL 2017 annual report

Here is a success story I found in the EIFL 2017 annual report a while ago:


Job-seeker, Nakuru, Kenya

When Roselyne Kadarima, aged 23, heard that Nakuru Public Library was facilitating online learning, she jumped at the chance to sign up for a course in community journalism.

Roselyne, who is unemployed, knew that there were many free courses available online that could improve her chances of getting a job.

However, online learning is lonely. Without peer support, facilitation or skills, many people fail to complete courses. Or, like Roselyne, they do not have the confidence to enrol.

In 2017, to help online learners, EIFL and Peer to Peer University tested Learning Circles in Kenyan public libraries. Learning Circles are free study groups for people who want to take online classes together and in-person. Learners share knowledge and skills, and motivate each other to keep going.

“There were about 20 people in my Community Journalism Learning Circle. In the class we could socialize and talk about the course.”

“The librarians guided us and involved us in discussion. I liked it so much!” said Roselyne.