String too long error

I keep encountering the “String too long error” when I try to create my course description.

The limit is 1,000 character. Here is the text I’m using:

Hi! We are Karen (Ramsey County Workforce Solutions), Violet (Saint Paul Public Library), Nicki and Rachel (SPPL, AmeriCorps CTEP). We are joining together to bring you a 3-week, in-person and virtual resume workshop. Together, we will go over the basics of resumes, do’s & don’ts, and ATS compliance standards. Whatever your skill level or experience with resumes, feel free to join us and share your questions and expertise.

Limited capacity. Registration required.

To attend in person, call (651) 793-1699. To attend virtually, register through P2PU.

I used a character counter, and this is definitely less than 1000 characters, yet I’m still encountering the error. Any solutions?

Hi Violetta! Thanks for bringing this to our attention—it does look like there’s an issue with the character count on our end. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed! :smile: