SOO and Maker Party

“Maker Party is Mozilla’s annual campaign to invite thousands of people around the world to join in making the web and learning together. This year’s events are happening from July 15 –September 15.”

–> This sounds right up SOO volunteers’ alley. Esp. the ones planning an SOO Africa launch in September (perfect timing!)

Anyone else interested in throwing an SOO event or workshop around then that can be co-branded as part of Maker Party?

More info:

"How can organizations get involved? By being an event or promotional partner. Click here to find out why you should be a partner

There are two types of partnership this year:

– Event Partner (for organizations throwing at least one event);
– Promotional Partner (for organizations willing to share information about Maker Party with your supporters and generally help promote.)

When you become a partner we make sure you’re armed with resources, training, support and materials that will make partnership and helping teach the web in your communities easier. This year we’re ready to hit the ground running and make sure you have what you need to help celebrate the web and make Maker Party a success.

Why does Mozilla run Maker Party? We’re passionate about teaching web literacy through hands-on learning and making – and we know you are too. Our goal is to help people not just consume, but understand and create the web so it remains open, accessible and ours."