Some tech detail from the Mozilla folks

Hi @Emma_Irwin. I saw this great piece you wrote about using Course in a Box for the Mozilla reps training. Good work, you really rolled up your sleeves and dug in! Looking forward to hear how it plays out in the future!

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Thanks @dirk ! It’s been fun

I’m sharing the work I did on our Community Education Call tomorrow:
Details on our etherpad:

You are more than welcome to join and share a bit more of P2PU’s vision for CIAB? Or really anything else you think people working on education at Mozilla might be interested in. The call is bi-weekly - but know that timezone might be a challenge for you.

Also today/tomorrow an article I wrote for includes Course in a Box will be published:

Hi @Emma_Irwin - I’ll try to see if I can make the call, but like you say, the timezone makes it a little challenging (combined with limited internet at home atm). I should give you an update on Course in a Box though.

For this year, we’ve decided to focus on facilitating offline groups working through online courses. We want to focus most of our efforts on helping the offline groups work together.

Course in a Box has two parts to it

  1. It’s a course that leads you through the process of building a course
  2. It’s a tool that you can use to build online courses

We decided to not facilitate the course part (1), people can still do the course on their own pace. We’re using the tool ourselves, but we’ll be focusing on building tools geared towards the offline groups.

I believe it’s a useful tool and strikes good balance between helping people get started and giving them full ownership and control.

Does hearing this change your thoughts on using Course in a Box?

Thanks @dirk That makes sense

I can’t see that it changes anything for me. The way we’re building it - curriculum lives outside the actual platform/tool (whatever you want to call ciab), and while it works as we need it to - it’s perfect.

Having worked with some monsterous LMS (proprietary and open), I just happy for this solution. In the future if we decide it doesn’'t work, we still have all the curriculum pulled into any source :slight_smile:

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