Some feedback on the blog post please

I’m busy writing a blog about the grouping we did for and I would appreciate some feedback. @bekka @Erika @vanessa @1L2P @anyone

Anyone should be able to view and comment.


Hey Dirk, left some tasty feedback for you. Hope it’s helpful :sunny:

Thanks, it is helpful indeed!

Feedback in the Google Doc. Thanks Dirk!

I’ve written the more technical blog post about the Echonest grouping. It can be found here:

@1L2P, @vanessa, @Erika, @bekka, @Carl please leave comments in the doc about small changes. If you feel there are bigger things that should change, please comment in this thread.

Tech post looks good! (and def something different, not repeating/redundant of the newsy posts)

Comments in G doc.