Should we accept bitcoin donations?

What the title says. Any thoughts? Reasons for or against?

I would focus on getting our existing donation mechanism(s) more discoverable, rather than just expanding to other currencies (or ‘currencies’).

Also - isn’t currency support primarily an issue for our payment platform provider rather than ourselves? Eg if we use paypal, presumably we can accept donations in whatever currencies paypal supports?

True, but the novelty of accepting bitcoins may get us some attention and some donations that we wouldn’t otherwise get…


Yes - if it’s easy to do.


I’ll investigate and probably try to sneak it in with next week’s website sprint.

meh. I’m happy either way but wouldn’t spend much time on it. As per
previous comment, would think through how to make current donation mech
more discoverable, rather than broadening currencies our (currently fairly
obscure) donation stream accepts. I hear you that taking bitcoins may be a
way of doing both.

However I think the latest round of bitcoin excitement has passed so don’t
think it looks particularly current to be jumping on that bandwagon at this
particular moment in time…

I had a burger bought for me in bitcoin last week. It was a bad burger. Next time, I’ll get the person who bought it to donate the money to P2PU.


I am supposed to be one of the organizers of the Bitcoin meetup in Barcelona. Good things about Bitcoin:

  • It is open source software. It is a peer-to-peer network. It is an Internet currency. It is backed by a community that discusses its evolution in public forums. It is backed by crypto. We somewhat understand how it works.
  • It is possible to accept Bitcoin without intermediaries. It can be as easy as posting an address. I can accept donations here:
    (Don’t donate money as I don’t need it) This is not the best way to do it. But I don’t want to go into detail now.
  • Bitcoin provides some protection against the abuses of financial institutions. For example: printing money to finance war, the Wikileaks finaincial blockade, etc.

Hi, I have been researching on Bitcoins for many months. Just like Bitcoin, travelling is also one of my favorite passions. I think Travel and bitcoin just seem like a natural fit and the more I researched where I could use bitcoin, the more excited I got. Have no idea what bitcoin, is a great help.

Yes! And Gittip/Gratipay and Stellar… the lot :smile: