Should Libraries Replace Universities as Centres of Education and Learning?

Latest post from our blog detailing the debate we hosted a couple months ago in Berlin.


We all should thank the Librarians for their work. One of my ways to learn and teach is through research. Research is the old and the new way to learn.

That participatory debate sounds like fun! Did we not have one at the Gathering this year because it got too heated, or something?

Very interesting topic and close to my heart. One area where libraries contribute that was missed is that many public libraries now play an increasingly important role in building the resilience of the communities they serve and assisting in recovery from disaster.

I’ve always loved libraries, but have learned so much from them over the past few years in particular, that I’m now a passionate advocate. Long live libraries!


No, though it did get heated :slight_smile:

We’ve done this a few times and I think it’s a good activity for getting people who are new to learning circles to think about public libraries as spaces for somewhat structured learning to occur. Since we had so many veterans with us in Boston we didn’t want to preach to the choir. As I write this now I do think that something like this could have been useful. We’re happy to do it with you sometime, Steve!

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