Sharing [Course in a Box] Technical Issues

Hello @grif and @Dirk_Uys,
I started Course in a Box last Month and I have not progressed more because I had a 3 weeks international trip to South America. I am getting back to laying out my Mac OS X Course and I would like to share some issues with both of you.

  1. It seems that some pages have (I think) some CSS attached to because they differ from my newly created pages.

When you go to this page that has been reused as a template,

The text layout differs from my new created pages here,

I am wondering if the original templates pages have some include links to a CSS page?

  1. The other issue it is for @Dirk_Uys!


I got some security advisory alerts coming up fro GitHub pointing to the

I would like to share with you! Could you please, get in contact so I can give you more specifics.



The layout for the modules are being applied in _config.yml. Any file in the modules directory will use the course page layout layout.

Wrt the second issue

I got some security advisory alerts coming up fro GitHub

You can probably delete Gemfile.lock. The runs on GitHub’s servers when you make a change and there shouldn’t be any privileged info the code has access to. And I doubt that GitHub uses the dependencies specified in Gemfile.lock.

If you’re building this on your local machine, be sure to update the ruby dependencies.

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Thanks for your prompt response and orientation on the Course’s Layout!

I did not fork the program in my machine. I forked directly from the P2PU Course Template to my account on GitHub. The security advisory comes from the GitHub Insights session. Since the info is only available to me, Here is a pic of it.

Ok, deleted the “Gemfile.lock” file and everything clear up. Thanks!


I am having another issue happening.
On my development of Course-in-a-Box, I created the file on session 2. So for the sake of understanding lets set [1] The source code and [2] The public browsing mode

Session 2, source code link

I uploaded and then inserted an image illustration on line 23 with the code,
![Example of Domain Host Registrars](/img/domain-host-registrar-01.png)


This image illustration shows up fine on the source code preview but when I check the page on public browsing mode, the image is not showing up.

session 2, public browsing mode

Is this a bug? I was able to place an image on the home page fine with the same markdown code and you can see right here in this link,

Thanks for your input and help!

If you right click and “view source”, you’ll notice the image is there, but loading from the wrong URL. This happens because the URL you’ve set for the image is absolute /img/domain-host-registrar-01.png, but your site is hosted on GitHub at a suburl:

You can solve this by

  1. using the fully qualified url:
  2. or by pre-pending the URL in markdown with site.baseurl: ![]({{site.baseurl}}/img/domain-host-registrar-01.png)

Hope that helps

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Oh, yes! That helped a lot! Thanks!

This is my first time developing something on Github and certain things I just have to re-learn from scratch. The same link issues happen when developing in “HTML” and the approach would be somewhat different when dealing with relative and absolute links.