Sharing a Badge from

So my dear friends I have a question.
The other day @vanessa and @dirk and I were talking about sharing the beautiful badges from and I had a little concern after our conversation. We decided we will allow anyone to embed any badge where they want. My concern with that is that even if I don’t earn any badge I can embed the iframe on my blog, portfolio or whathaveyou and claim that I so have this in the bag.
Is this something we are concerned about or should be concerned about at all?

I would like you guys to chip in your opinion if you will?

Thank you,

The iframe should allow people to apply for the badge if they don’t have it yet or aren’t logged in on or if their browser doesn’t send cookies to 3rd parties (new Firefox).

Otherwise if the person is logged in on and has the badge is awarded to that person, the iframe should show other pending projects for that badge. If there are no projects to review, we can just display the badge info.

The iframe is for people to put somewhere in a course or learning experience. If someone puts the iframe on their portofolio it won’t really make sense to anyone seeing it? We are leaving showing badges to open badges.

+1 to what @dirk said. I think that if the language for this Badge on the button says something like "Submit a Project’ then we are fine.