Self-paced version of "Writing Wikipedia Articles" course

Hi all, we’ve been talking for ages about creating a self-paced version of WIKISOO, our popular facilitated course on “Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond.” I’m getting started on this today and just wanted to make this info public! I’ll troll for tips and tricks, but we’re basically converting 6 weeks into 6 lessons, using the content already hosted on WIkipedia for our facilitated course.

A self-paced version on Wikipedia, whose rather sparse home page I just hacked together, resides here:
(Yes, this looks a lot like the standalone "tasks "format for SOO, which is probably a good thing.)

Just wanted to give a heads up and will plan to solicit feedback as we take this forward! All ideas/thoughts welcome.




Hey @Sara_FB - I’m interested to hear how this goes. We’ve been experimenting with similar ideas for “A Gentle Introduction to Python” which was our original Mechanical MOOC course. For Learning Creative Learning, we are now starting to move towards a similar model. Users can engage with the content by posting on the discussion forum, or they can sign up for the next cohort, which is a string of emails that gets kicked off when “the bus is full”.

I’m excited about this! I have been wanting to take this course for awhile, but haven’t been able to join during the synchronous times it’s been offered. Yes, it would be best, mostly likely, to take it with others so you can have discussions/get guidance, but offering it as standalone is better than nothing for people like me who are often too busy to take it when it’s offered!

Hey @Sara_FB, do you think this self- paced course will be ready for September launch of SOO activities?

Also, how did the Barn Raising event go? Feel free to write a post to follow your announcement!