Searching courses by topic

The preset options are too numerous and specific for efficient searching. Would it be possible to group them into a few broad categories? Some examples would be computers (currently the largest), job search, history, communication, financial, history, culture, sciences, business.


Hey Julie, this is a great suggestion! Appreciate seeing some of your ideal topic list too, that’s very helpful.

Since courses can be tagged with different keywords, we’ve mostly relied on that as our topic search. That said, since the library is community-curated, we know those terms and classifiers can vary and sometimes make it a challenge to navigate.

We’re in the planning stages for improving the course library and are hoping to add better support and recommendations for popular learning circle topics. We’ll post some open questions about it in the forum later this year, and I’ll make sure to loop you in to those conversations—we’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any other thoughts about this in the meantime, please feel encouraged to share!

It occurs to me that we don’t need to re-invent the Dewey Decimal System. We could use the top level for the drop down list of suggested topics and also allow a full text search of the course descriptions.

Hi Julie!

You are right, currently there are too many topics.

A top level tag - or primary tag - for each course could be used in the drop down while other tags would still be searched if you enter text in the search field. Do I understand correctly that that is what you are suggesting?

Here’s a screenshot of the course page with tags open for reference: image

ps. I see that topics from other language courses show up in the list, it really shouldn’t. I made a note of that here

Sounds right. When I create a course I would like some broad topic choices so that searching a topic such as computers would include 3d design, 3d printing, programming, word press, Excel, etc.
At the moment, the search needs to be very specific.


I agree, this is a fantastic idea!

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