School of Open Africa's Launch and Future!

Just sent out an announcement, but here are the relevant posts: - all about program launches last month in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria - all about tomorrow’s “official” launch with Ministries of ICT, Ed, and UNESCO in Nairobi tomorrow!

Please help spread the word. :smile:

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Here’s an update!

Kenya’s Ministry of ICT said great things about SOO, namely,

“By using Open Educational Resources, OER, School of Open is opening up to many students who would have otherwise missed the opportunity of accessing education, especially in the marginalized areas which could not adequately access quality education. Ongoing, voluntary, and self- motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons is one of the characteristics of the 21st Century. One of the major ways of promoting life-long learning is the continuous use of ICT innovations in education.

“I congratulate School of Open teams across Africa for the innovative and transformative mode of teaching and learning that we are launching today. This African initiative is a worthy model for other regions of the world to emulate.”