Reviewing and providing a feedback on a new learning circle course material

I have created a short course (three meetups) about the risks, challenges, and opportunities we face during, and after this pandemic. It includes online material, views, comments, and Youtube clips. I feel it is very timely to talk and to debate these issues, in particular, the risks and the opportunities. Each meeting material (three meetings in total) consist of a google document that guides the presenter through the meeting in chronological order, a video clip that introduces the topic, a slide show, a list of questions to frame a discussion, a space to post comments, and list of links to additional material.

Here is a direct link to my google drive folder that contains the material for the proposed course on Post covid challenges, risks, and opportunities:

I have enabled anyone with the link to edit and to comment. The video clips are stitched together from usually more than one source. I may need to reference these sources ( I think I have done it, not sure…). I will be happy to hear comments and suggestions regarding the material.

Anybody can use this material and add or modify it, the important and urgent thing is to consider and to discuss these topics in particular (in my view) the risks and the opportunities.
Is there anybody that will be prepared to look at it and comment?


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