Resources for Learning Circles

Participants may often come with preconceptions about what learning is and how it has worked or hasn’t worked for the in the past. Share resources that you think help reframe learning as an empowering and peer-oriented experience.

This short conversation between Sal Khan and Carol Dweck outlines how to develop growth mindsets in students. They discuss how important failure is to the learning process and how anybody can develop the mindset necessary to learn and retain new knowledge.

Dave Cormier’s blog post “Cheating as Learning” is a great primer on peer learning. He writes:

I want you to cheat. I want you to ‘get the answer’ from your neighbour. I want you to tell me that you did that…if you take anything from this course, is that making meaning, creating knowledge, is something that happens in public.

Especially for groups who have spent time in traditional classrooms and being tested, it’s important to emphasize that it’s encouraged to reach out to your peers, as they may default towards working alone and not sharing resources/opinions.