Research at P2PU--Let's Get Organized

So, we have several different areas/use cases surrounding research & P2PU:

  • Research on P2PU
  • Research that informs P2PU products (cohorts, peer feedback, etc–people ask me for this all the time)
  • Research in the wider field that we are reading / mentioned in
  • Research guidelines

Right now, the info page doesn’t extend to all of these use cases, and I don’t think does it well. Suggestions welcome–I’d like to make this better! What say you @ahnjune @petertaylor?

@jessykate suggested:
So actually i guess you coud just take over the “research at p2pu tab” and rename it “research” (it’s obviously at p2pu). then have pages for all of the above, as long as you are willing to keep them current. the “wider research” can pull out highlights and then linkto the ongoing dscussion group/course. other things can have their own page under "research."
ie, 1.) papers about p2pu 2.) research that informs our products could both have their own pages.
BUT i would also link to #1 from the about page, and #2 from those products’ pages.

I really like @jessykate’s suggestion: name the tab “Research” and have links to (1) Research on P2PU, (2) Research results that inform P2PU products, (3) Wider Research (perhaps a working bibliography much like the one HASTAC built on Open Badges, that can continue to grow over time), (4) Research Guidelines, and (5) Link to P2PU Data (once we get the data sharing off the ground).

Somewhat regular blog posts on cool research activities/papers/insights on the general P2PU blog would also be good to have. There are also some research events that P2PU friends are part of (e.g. Philipp is co-chairing DML, doing a Hacking Open Ed at Irvine, and he and I are going to do a open education workshop at CSCW. grants that P2PU has won with other researchers etc.) that could be highlighted somewhere on the research page.

Oh… in addition to guidelines for folks interested in doing work with P2PU date… we might also do guidelines and maybe an open course for people who want to do qualitative research about P2PU and its members (e.g. how do I go about it in a good way?).

Hey @ahnjune I agree with all of your suggestions, and will get to reorganizing the page tomorrow.

There are also a few calls for papers that are relevant to P2PU, and so we’ll need to include those.

We can put together a stop-gap situation on, would be nice to eventually have our own home (like reports, etc.)

Can we connect about working on the open research course together?