Request for feedback: Gods of Mayhem

Continuing the discussion from Please introduce yourself!:

1st image - lots of action
2nd image - seems like a slogan
3rd image - mystery
4th image - not sure, a little paranoid

Taking the Trash out of gaming - making it a healthy community
Keep Chaos and Manage Mayhem - keep it fun
We want to make you WATCH eSports - you want people to see it as legit entertainment

Do these statements fit into the idea the mood images gave you?

kind off

Do you know what a wireframe is?


Do you think the wireframe relates to how the site feels or how it works?

Not sure? Where is the wireframe?

What kind of information would you expect from a site that aims to show you how to make money in eSports?

  • How to be a professional player?
  • How to get funded, sponsored - paid salary?
  • What are the opportunities: player, coach, caster, personality, analyst, event coordinator, social media, etc.?

Yes, and to connect with people who are doing it currently

Is it necessary to create a new and specialized community or just be able to have your viewers connect to each other (hashtags or twitter lists)?

I don’t think it’s necessary, but sometimes a community needs its space.