Repository for a learning circle course

Hi, I have created a course about the challenges, risks, and opportunities we face and have during the covid 19 pandemic and in the post covid world. The material is divided into three meetings, each meeting includes a video clip, a slide show, and notes that summarize the main points, post some questions, and list further references. I would like to add this course to the P2PU database and to store it in a way that is available to anybody that is interested to use it. At the moment the course can be accessed through a link I provide to a folder in my Google drive. Having it stored in a repository that is part of the P2PU platform would be a better way. Any ideas?

Hey Yossi! Have you checked out Course in a Box, our open-source course builder tool/tutorial? It is built on top of Github pages which will host your content for free!

Hi Becky, I did check the tutorial, frankly I found it a bit cumbersome ( I do have some experience in programming, that was not a problem); so I have created the course by combining a video, slides and notes for the presenter. Is there any way I can upload it ? Alternatively I can provide a link to my private online storage. I don’t think that is the best arrangement .


Hi Yossi, I understand! We don’t have any ways for the community to store learning content directly on P2PU’s servers and tend to host projects like these using Github. You could consider hosting your content in a repository there or creating a dedicated account on a platform like Dropbox if you’d prefer to keep the material in folders but separate it out from your personal account/storage.

If you’re willing to make a simple website that organizes and either embeds or links out to the content, that can be very helpful for guiding learning circle participants through a course. I can think of two possible solutions for where that website could live and be linked to from the course library:

Some learning circle course creators like to use free website/blog builders to organize, host, and share their content. Here are two examples: Learn to Write Fiction (Wordpress) and How to Talk About Race (Wix)

Even if you’d prefer to not use Course in a Box, Github pages is a great hosting solution. Here’s a video my friend made about how to set up free hosting and link to a domain if you’re not already familiar.

Many thanks Becky, I will follow up the options you have suggested. Thanks!