Release Notes: Learning Circle Archive and more!

Some big changes have landed on the P2PU website to help you share learning circles and courses with your community!

See the release notes below for more information on:

  • New learning circle archive: the learning circle search page now shows records of learning circles that have finished or are in-progress but closed for signup
  • Updated learning circle summary cards: now with color coding, status labels, and emphasized start/end dates
  • New shareable search filters: search results now save in the URL so you can copy or link to specific results from learning circles or the course library

Learning Circle Archive

The learning circles page and individual team pages will now show a record of closed and completed learning circles along with those that are open for registration.

This feature was added in response to feedback from facilitators and organizers. Previously, only learning circles that were open for registration would show up on a team page, resulting in active learning circle programs looking very empty. Along with providing historical information for teams, this record of closed and completed learning circles can now offer learners more context and history about their local learning circles program.

Tabs to navigate by signup status

The learning circles interface now has two tabs to allow switching between available and unavailable learning circles: the default tab (“Open”) shows learning circles that are open for sign-up, both upcoming and in-progress. The second tab (“Closed and Completed”) shows learning circles that are closed for registration, both in-progress and completed.

Updated learning circle cards

Learning circle preview cards have been updated to offer more information about the status of a learning circle. The status of the learning circle appears in the top right corner and cards are color-coded based on their status. The learning circle’s start or end date is now given under the title—it will show the start date for all upcoming and in-progress learning circles, then switch to showing its end date once the last meeting has taken place.

See the examples below of the card for each status:

See it in action!

Don’t just take our word for it—take a look at the learning circles page to see records of over 850 (:astonished:!) closed or completed learning circles from the last 5 years. Spot an issue or have some feedback for how we can improve this feature? Post your reply here or send us an email to!

p.s. Shareable URLs

One last thing: while working on this page, we added another helpful upgrade!

Previously, while you could search and add filters to narrow down results for learning circles or courses in the library, those results couldn’t be easily shared. To support sharing search results with prospective learners or colleagues you’re planning programs with, all search filters now automatically update in the page’s URL. All you need to do to use this is run a search, copy the page URL, and paste it somewhere to share a direct link to your search.

For example, here’s a direct link to all of Chicago’s completed learning circles about writing: