Registration for the course

Do you have a limit of number of people that must enroll for a cd maximum and minimum

I meant enrollment for the course

I’m in a large urban area and there is often a lot of interest in my courses. But, as with many things, not everyone will show up who registers. Because of this I tend to allow more people to register than I would like. For example, my current class I let 24 people register. Only 11 showed up to the first session. I tend to like 15-20 in my class as a max, and around 10 as an ideal minimum, though I’ve done a class with five easily.

The other thing you can do is to have a cut off point of how many folks you would be comfortable having in your space whether that space is online or in person and then start a wait list for others who are interested.

Think about how many people would work for the class structure too. I do the Learn To Write Fiction courses and they have small group work involved, so being able to have several groups of roughly four people is ideal, though not necessary, if there are fewer than ten folks.

A lot will depend on the course you’re doing and the space you’re using. If you are doing a computer language course, for example, you will be limited by the number of computers you have available (if you’re doing in-person) and in that case, you would likely want to have a cut off and a wait list if space does open up.

Whether you let in the folks on a wait list will also depend on how early space opens up, how disruptive to the other learners they would be if they came late, and how much catch up work they would need to do. For my writing courses, I don’t let folks come in past the first or second week just because everyone is getting to know each other and getting comfortable sharing their own writing which can be very personal. Bringing a new person in can be very awkward in that situation. But for other courses late arrivals might not be all that disruptive.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful!