Redirect SoW to #teachtheweb?

Continuing the discussion from Homepage Redesign:

I wanted to start the conversation around redirecting/rebranding SoW to the TeachTheWeb work we started together:

I managed to translate the web craft challenges into modules (they’re under “Building an Online presence” and “html basics”), but am wondering about your plans for the different schools (the mocks still had a school link, but it 404d).

Hey @laura, it looks good to me! I would much rather point people to a community where things are going on rather than SoW.

I think we should upate the copy on to say that it is now superseeded by and then change the link from the homepage to SoW to link to TeachTheWeb.

Under the idea of schools that would imply that TeachTheWeb is a school of P2PU - would that cause problems?

Let’s definitely work together on this, I think because we’re still in prototype land, it makes sense to not put too much in at the moment, just redirecting and updated copy.

Personally, I think TeachTheWeb as a school of P2PU makes perfect sense. The only thing I was worried about was that it’s no longer “School of…” but to be honest, I’m not happy with the “Webmaker Training” branding. Unfortunately, that’s still up in the air though.

How are you planning on displaying schools in your new site? And what can I do to help?

@Erika is currently working on that atm! I think the latest can be seen here:

@laura if you can please have a look at the copy over at and make suggestions, that would help a lot!

@Erika - it’s looking so great!

@dirk Some copy suggestions, but I’m not great at copy, so please feel free to make counter suggestions everyone!

The School of Webcraft has evolved into Webmaker #TeachTheWeb.

It’s even more Peer Powered

We know learning is more fun with friends. We’ve kept the best part of the School of Webcraft and made it the core of everything we do to #TeachTheWeb. We work alongside our peers, ask each other for help, and offer expertise to those in need. The Webmaker Community supports each other in our community forum. Come join us!

Mozilla & P2PU

Mozilla’s mission is to keep the web open, and to work together to enable anyone to take part in building it’s future. Peer to Peer University embodies openness, community and peer learning. We’re a great team.

We support each other.

Webmaker’s #TeachTheWeb program is part of Mozilla’s commitment to help educators and others teach vital web literacy skills. Everything is 100% free, open source and powered by a global community of people like you who want to teach digital and web skills in ways that are creative, participatory and fun. Come see what we’re all about.

Ok, updated!