PWYM 2.0: Peter Gabriel and a New Crew


This note was just sent to folks who took #PWYM 1.0

@bekka feel free to nab for the blog post.

#What’s Inside

  • We made an awesome #PWYM Lab Report
  • #PWYM 2.0 is a collaboration with Peter Gabriel!
  • Next course starts May 16, signup open now
  • Community conversation is moving to Discourse–join us there!
  • If you liked #PWYM, join the nerd herd over at P2PU

What We Accomplished Together in #PWYM 1.0

PWYM crew, we’re tickled pink about all the amazing music we made in 1.0. Here’s a smattering of what our community accomplished together:

  • 5,232 folks signed up, we formed 132 cohorts of 30-40 learners each
  • 1,743 active members in the PWYM G+ community, 24 cohorts formed their own groups on G+
  • 1,533 members uploaded photos to their class photo
  • Making music, together. The #PWYM SoundCloud group had nearly 30,000 listens, 1,500 favorites, and 550 downloads and 500 comments.

You can find out more tasty bits about the #PWYM in our P2PU Lab Report. Give it a gander and spread it around.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 5.02.17 PM.png

PWYM Presents: Peter Gabriel Edition

We’re happy to announce that the next version of #PWYM is a collaboration with rockstar Peter Gabriel!

Peter Gabriel has graciously licensed his stems for us to learn and play with. We’ll work with two of Peter Gabriel’s famous multi-track recordings - “In Your Eyes” and “Sledgehammer.”

If you didn’t get a chance to finish the course, or you want to take it again to work with Gabriel’s songs, or you want to give back as a mentor to the new crew joining the community, please join us.

PWYM 2.0 starts May 16, but you can signup now:

We’re Moving!

We loved connecting with you on G+. But we found that some of the conversations and posts would get buried after a bit.

We’ve decided to try Discourse for PWYM 2.0. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 5.26.46 PM.png

We’d love for you to join us there & post resources you’ve found recently, or just to drop by and say “Hello.”

We won’t be shutting down the G+ community, but all the buzzzzz will be happening on Discourse from here on out.


Join the P2PU Community

If you liked #PWYM, we invite you to join the community at Peer 2 Peer University. We’re a grassroots crew tinkering with education online.

We help build learning communities on everything from Openness to Education and we’re working on launching the Internet of Things.  If you’d like to get involved--develop a course, share your experience, or have ideas about what we could do better--stop by and say “Hello!”

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Moar music please!

#PWYM Team



This is beautiful.
Will do.

Thanks, lady.


Just quickly chiming in here… Thanks @vanessa for setting this up. I hope that the new course and COMMUNITY is useful to folks. If anyone has feedback, please share it with us on our new community -