Proposal to make the color scheme less distracting


We currently use a lot of colors for categories and sub-categories. As a result the categories overview page is very visually distracting. It’s moved beyond playful. Two suggestions:

  • Use different shades of the same color for categories and sub-categories (e.g. Org is Dark Blue, and Org > Meta is light blue).
  • Use strong colors for top level categories, and grey for ALL sub-categories. A thin strip of the top level color will still be included in the category blocks.

I tried it out and find the second one is more elegant. Someone changed the colors back, which is probably the right response, but I’d like to formally suggest we make this change - to make the categories less distracting.


It seems like the color scheme is now primary colors for top level categories, and grey for sub-categories. I’m not sure if someone went ahead and changed it, or if my changes took longer to settle in … how do you like it?


I like it. Don’t think it’s particularly intuitive (the whole color strip thing) but def less distracting…



From forum user point of view, I say thank you!
The categories page (which I usually navigate to first in order to see what new is going on) does not scream colors at me anymore.
From a design point of view … thank you even more :smile: