Programming Theory in Practice 1

Hi everyone,

As is suggested in the “How do I make a P2PU course” course, I am alerting the community to the course I have just published. The course is entitled “Programming Theory in Practice 1” and can be found here:


Nice! I added this course to the list of featured courses.

Hi @dirk,

Thanks very much :slight_smile: !


No problem, I think it is a good course to point people to :slight_smile:

Another new course: Science in a Changing World – take note of the case-based format, which allows participation for shorter periods:

A course based on real-world scenarios or cases that invite participants to shape their own directions of inquiry about scientific and political change and develop their skills as investigators and teachers (in the broadest sense of the word). People from all fields and levels of preparation are encouraged to join in one or more cases. Re-engage with yourself as an avid learner and inquirer while drawing on the diverse experiences of the other participants…

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How do I apply for a new course to get featured, or at least listed somewhere on P2PU? Thanks.

It looks good to me! I’ll add it to the list of featured courses.

Hi @pjt111,

The course looks very interesting. You’ve just got yourself your first participant :smile: I’m looking forward to the first CE.


Thanks for your interest.

Hey @pjt111 I was just responding to your email to–glad you found your questions answered here :slight_smile: