Programmed learning the solution to online education?

I’m not even sure if this article was written statistically?

I can agree with like timely knowledge, feedback and self setting the pace. But from there it spirals out of control like a horror movie!

As you may have noticed, Skinner’s idea for pr______ed le____ng and “teaching machines” is extremely well-suited to the computerized instantaneous electronic interface of this ever-changing world wide web in which we live in. Alas, it was far ahead of the technology of the 1950s. While a few p________d l______g textbooks were written, what was really required was a teaching machine that could interactively pace the rate of instruction to the student’s success in mastering the material. What Skinner needed was an iPad.

And this, is this ironically meant or not?

Where is the benevolent Silicon Valley philosopher-king who will make this come true? All we need is one generation of programmers cum behavioral scientists to translate the core curriculum into a series of progressive micro-lessons. Instead of trying to build the flying car we were promised, build the education infrastructure we need. That way, we’ll get the flying car along with a lot of other nifty stuff, and, P.S., educate the rest of the world for free along the way. The secret ingredient is to keep ‘educators’ completely away from the project and let operant behavioral psychologists do the heavy lifting.

Oh my … if only that benevolent philosopher king from Silicon Valley could fix everything. This is the painting by numbers vision for education. Learning over Education!

@vanessa shared this on facebook and someone there commented that the author obviously haven’t heard of the Chinese room experiment.