Possible topic for a community call

Would talking to someone like http://codenow.org/ about their approach to education be a good topic for a community call? @bekka @1L2P @vanessa @Carl @Erika

I read this article: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/27/codenow-joins-y-combinator/

The program’s approach combines weekend sessions, online coursework, and an intensive boot camp conducted over longer school breaks. Seashore said the question he’s been asking himself, and one that’s been amplified by joining YC, is, “How do you make in-person training scale?”

As a side note: it’s interesting to see that y-combinator are funding non-profits. Maybe a future funding opportunity?

Yes - Call me selfish, but I find that the most interesting bit :wink:

There are so many projects focused on building software development skills these days.

Well, the deadline to apply for the next round is March 28. Do you think it is something we should apply for? Or maybe something we can help an interesting online education project with?

Yes, but I’m not sure that there are enough of them sending the right message or teaching the right people for the right reasons?

That might be a little close. Depends if someone has bandwidth to take the
lead - but my sense is it would make more sense to learn more about the
program and apply for the next round.

I am not sure how we would help another organization apply at this point.

I feel a bit weird about y-combinator BUT perhaps this is a good funding opportunity for Internet of Things?