"Ph.DIY" - A Do-it-Yourself Ph.D. Model

I’m in the beginning stages of launching a “do-it-yourself” knowledge mastery program & actively seeking feedback & ideas from the bright, dynamic minds of the P2PU community! Here’s a link to more information about the vision: http://phdiy.tumblr.com/

This is very much in-progress and open to new directions, innovations, & all the things we haven’t even thought of yet - so let me know if you’re interested in collaborating or helping us shape this idea and bringing it to life!


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Hi @akehoe24,

I took a look at the phdiy tumblr page and it looks to me that your vision is very similar to what is happening over at openmasters.org . You should take a look and perhaps think about collaborating if you find there is sufficient overlap.


Hi @akehoe24, welcome to the P2PU nerd herd.

We love the folks over at Open Master’s–specifically Alan Webb (http://www.alanwebb.org/masters/) and Alison Jean Cole (http://landartsstudies.com/), who used to help out P2PU with community.

I would also look towards the coworking world and how they motivate each other across disciplines. New Work City in NYC has weekly “cotivation” meetings were folks collaboratively goal-set and find each other accountable week-to-week. That might be useful for you. http://nwc.co/projects/cotivation.html

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