P2PU.org - New Direction, New Look

Originally published at: http://info.p2pu.org/2014/10/07/p2pu-org-new-direction-new-look/
2014 has been a year of evolution for P2PU, and, like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon, we’ve changed our look too. And because beauty is not just skin deep, we’d like to give you a bit of a tour around the spectacular butterfly that is the new p2pu.org Our changes aren’t just superficial.…

I started looking into how we would translate the new homepage, some initial work on a Spanish translation is here, I mostly just put things in place, not actual translation. Does anyone want to help out with a Spanish translation or have suggestions for other language?

I will help, I’m running a full translation of course in a box here

@amaciel - that would be great! A good place to start would be the home page, the navigation and the footer. I’ll start a separate thread where we can talk about the translation workflow.

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