ORDCAMP Talk Proposal: How to Build Learning Communities on the Web

Hi team, so in thinking about what to talk about for ORDCAMP next week, I thought I’d try out a series of slides and activities on “How to Build a Learning Community on the Web.” There are lots of learning people and learning researchers there, so I think it’s appropriate for this audience, and will give us a chance to test drive our ideas for “How to run a social learning course.” Let me know what you think!

Here’s the proposal: http://ordcamp.com/wiki/2014-camp-session-ideas/


Awesome. If there’ll be slides/recording, can you publish to website after?

Agree - that’s one chapter in any how-to guide/course already written (just about :)).

I’d definitely publish the slides to the site afterwards :slight_smile:

Or could even be the whole guide.

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That’s what I’m hoping to do :smile: