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Hello Everyone!

I’m Natalie, and over the past few months I’ve been helping create an online course on Open Internet that we want to launch in Spanish on P2PU.

I’m currently adding some of the original English language content to the course in a box template (so you all and the SOO community can read it) on github:, but was wondering how to make the content I put in the module folders appear on the webpage? For example, I’ve added content for the syllabus and Module 0, but cannot see it here when I click those tabs. I’m using the web interface if that means anything. I’m a newbie in regards to Github, so thanks a lot. I look forward to everyone being able to see our stuff!

Now that I’ve looked again, it seems my questions are the blank ones on “how to edit a file” and “how to upload an image”: I see the screengrabs of the instructions, but just no words!

Hey @ngreen14 - It seems like you are making good progress!

Seems you added some content:

To have the links working from the topnav, you have to make sure that the modules are listed in It seems like Git messed up some stuff there, I’ll send you a pull request to fix that. Also, upper case or lower case do matter and if you have spaces in your module name, it’s better to put the whole module name in quotes.

I see you managed to upload the images. To include them, add the following to your content:

![]({{site.baseurl}}/img/Module 1/Module 1-1.png)

Thanks for that. I understand the images and accepted your pull request, but I’m still having issues with that Module 0 publishing even though I checked to make sure that the capitalization/spacing is the same.

Hey @ngreen14. I think the problem is that GitHub automatically replaces spaces in folder names with a “-” :frowning: I sent you this pull request to fix it:, although you’ll still get problems when trying to create folders for the other modules. I don’t know if there is a way to get past the GitHub problem without using the CLI?

Thanks for your help. I was working on another project, and just got back to this, and realized this probably means my pictures won’t work either? I also used spaces in naming those, and when I add images to the module, they come up as broken. I’m not sure I’ve used CLI before, but I can try to figure it out…

Hey @ngreen14, have a look at this pull request . It seems like you are 99% there already :smile:

Thanks for everything @Dirk!

I’m uploading the final modules today :smiley: , but all of a sudden, they are no longer updating on my webpage: For example, I just added a “antecedantes pagina 3” to Module 7 on github, but it isn’t showing up on the page. This problem started right after I merged some of the updates from the original P2PU/course-in-a-box.

I’ve been getting the “Page build failure” notices now too.

Seems like course.yml was missing a line. See

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