Open Internet course for approval

Hello everyone,

I introduced myself a few times before, but just to refresh memories, some colleagues of mine and I developed a course on Open Internet that we’d like to host not just on P2PU, but also on SOO. I know there’s an approval process, so I’d like to get that started! I’ve attached the course content in English (excluding the interviews we did), but we will be hosting the course in Spanish.

We’ve already had the content translated and I’m putting up the Spanish version later this week in case anyone reads Spanish!

Our goal is to start the first class first week of March.

Hey @ngreen14, when I open the drive link I get to an empty folder?

Wrt SOO, @jane is the goto person

Does this work? On my side, all the folders are there

I suggest reading the copy of the updated syllabus first and then moving through the modules in their numerical order. We also have video interviews which I will be uploading and translating next week.

Hey Natalie - we’re going through a transition with regards to how SOO courses are approved. The gist is that we’re going to let the community run what courses they like, but as volunteers and not associated with any org that needs to approve it.

Before that is sorted out, however, I’m happy to take a look, but won’t have time to do so until the end of February. I suggest you ping P2PU staff (or anyone else here willing to take a look) if you need feedback in the meantime!