Online learning circles and better scheduling tools

We’ve recently made two updates to learning circle creation that are worth mentioning!

Online Learning Circles

The first addition is a toggle to indicate whether or not a learning circle will meet online. This doesn’t make any major changes to how your learning circle will look, but it will automatically suggest how to provide the most useful information in the right places to make things easier for you.


Meeting Date Calendar

Secondly, we improved the selection of meeting dates. Previously, you were asked to select the start date and write out the number of weeks that your learning circle would meet, then the system would generate a list of weekly meetings for you. This year we saw an increasing number of learning circles happening at non-regular intervals: twice a week, every other week, etc.

The new interface is now more visual and allows you to pick your meetings on a calendar view. It still allows you to select a start date and the number of weeks, but it’s also much easier to deviate from a weekly schedule.

Screenshot_2020-11-26 2 P2PU Learning Circles

Please try the new learning circle creation form and let us know what you think about it.