NYLA 2019 Conference

The Learning Circle model created by P2PU.org (Peer to Peer University) is a powerful approach to spread the reach and effectiveness of a wide array of free online courses. Completion rates for online courses are notoriously low, but by meeting with other people through a learning circle, learners find increased motivation to continue as a group. This is particularly helpful for learners who are just beginning to pursue education outside of K-12 or those who do not have prior experience with online learning. Speakers will cover what a learning circle is and why organizations should host one; how to find or create online course materials; and will share their own experiences preparing for and facilitating learning circles.


Thanks to @Kirkland_Arden for partnering with me on the Power of Peer Learning presentation at this year’s NYLA conference! We received a lot of positive feedback on the content.



Wow! @Kirkland_Arden and @aoliveras congrats! Well done!

I really like the handout and the additions you made to the slidedeck. Can we remove your names and make this a public-facing document for others to use?

Take a look at this version.

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