New open science course - Science Friction: The Science behind the news

Hello all

We’ve just opened a course at:

Science Friction: the science behind the news
It tackles some science topics often heard about in the media like climate change, stem cells, gmo, obesity and includes some short videos from scientists. It encourages participants to explore how our understanding of science issues can have a big impact on individuals and communities.

It starts Monday 6th October.

Many thanks for sharing.

Hey @angela - looks good! I like your idea for using a dedicated page for announcements. I also see you have badges set up and everything. I’m interested to hear what the projects/assignments will be for the four topics?

Hi @dirk thanks for taking a look. At the moment they are broadly mentioned at the end of each video by the facilitator (Narelle) - but will be added to the site in the coming days. The activities take the approach of finding out something about the issue, specifically in your local area and showing how it connects to the global overarching issue - with a shout out to the science, but without being too “sciencey” - recognising that this for people with a non-science background. Some of the issues are contentious and the hope is for good healthy debate. :slight_smile:

Hey @angela. How is the course going so far?