My Introduction to Join Learning Circles

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Hello everyone,

First, I would like to thank everyone that developed and are participating in this online learning/knowledge sharing project. I liked very much the idea of being both student and teacher. This type of approach unifies our relationship on the same level, without that authoritarian separation between (students and teachers). This works very well on the communication level for everybody because there are times we are learning and there are times we are teaching, so in reality, we are all both students and teachers sharing our knowledge for the common good.

I also liked very much of the learning circles groups idea and I would like to join some Learning Circles before I can create one for our local community. I am in the process of contacting the City Emergency Commission Panel and, I am in the process of submitting several proposals for my local Library, Senior Citizens Group, and the City Government Office. My goals besides sharing knowledge are to build a telecommunication mech network through the Internet Society/IETF (Internet Engineer Task Force). It is a telecommunications emergency project to keep people connected in case of well-known disasters like fire, floods, etc.

Therefore, before starting our own local Learning Circle, I would like to join some already established ones and learn a little bit more about you.

If you would like to have me as part of your learning circle, please let me know and I will be more than happy to join you.

Thanks again for your support!


Hi @Eduardo_Bonsi

Great to see your activity on the forum.

It sounds like you’ve been hosted a online learning group. How did it go?

Am I right that your plans are to create an online course about creating a mesh network (using course in a box, which you’ve started I believe), and then your plan is to use that course to support an in-person learning circle in your local area in Healdsburg?

You mentioned that you’d like to join some already established learning circles. Unfortunately, as learning circles run in-person, the closest learning circles to you are running in San Jose - a bit far! If you have any specific questions about running learning circles that you can’t find on this forum or the facilitate page (, let us know.

Let us know, too, how else we can help you move on with your learning circle plans,


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Nico @Nico_Koenig,

I just had a productive meeting with them at the Sudo Room, Oakland.
Sudo Room - Learn How to Mesh
The guys there are great, beyond my expectations! Expend time with @sethcarolina that taught me how to flash and configure a mesh router. If anyone is interested, connect to the Sudo Room on the chat line.
Sudo Room Chat Line
and show up at Tuesday’s meeting. I am near to make a trip for 2-3 weeks but when I come back I intend to write a tutorial on how to set up a Mesh network on using the Mac OS as the configurator machine. Maybe that will motivate others to build their own Mesh Network in their area. I know that when comes to these types of issues, fear of uncertainty plays a big role in beginners. But that can be overcome with knowledge on the subject.