Mozilla session proposal?

Anyone want to go in with me on a Mozfest session proposal? Deadline is soon! 22 August!

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Fyi - I’ve been asked to propose something for the new Arts and Culture track, will probably do something related to CC remix and Free Culture Trust:

Would love to hear ideas from other folks!

Hey Jane–I’m thinking about launching tools from our “School in a Box” stuff. Notes are here:

Another option would be “how to build learning communities online.”

Love remix and art idea!

I hope LOTS of P2PU folks come and play at the Mozilla Festival with me (ahem, us) this year. I happen to know the organizers :stuck_out_tongue: so you should definitely propose some sessions. Deadline is August 22nd!!

@Jane @Vanessa – I would really love to do a Mozilla + CC + P2PU session on open learning. I wrote this proposal, trying to work in things that cross all of our paths:

I was also thinking a School of Open + #TeachTheWeb future planning session, where we roadmap out places and initiatives where our communities can collaborate, and put stakes in the sand to DO it (based on our email thread about initiatives in Africa).

Finally, I’m not wrangling a floor this year, but can organize some cross-festival stuff. I was brainstorming a sort of roving teaching / open learning crew (though I’m not sold that I’ve figured it out). Concept is here and has room to grow:

I know this is all rather last minute, but I do want ot make sure that you are both there and that we can use the festival to springboard each others work. If you have specific things you want to get done there, let me know!!

@laura - I love the roadmap idea! I put up a similar one at regarding doing a mapping activity of where SOO is in the world (esp on the African continent) and identifying needs for what kind of education around “open” is needed in different areas. Let’s combine!

I’ll take a look at your other ideas around open learning as well.

Yes! I’d love to combine. Would be nice for our communities to see where they are and how they can support each other. We could also document some best practices on how to get in touch locally, how to share globally, how to participate in each others actions. Maybe we can get some other initiatives in as well by making it easy to submit to the map. <3 it!

@laura @vanessa and anyone else, please see

I fleshed out the SOO + Teach the Web session and edited the etherpad for the School in a box session.

What do you think?

@Jane - I beefed up Webmaker language in the maps session just a little, so if you’re ok with those edits, I think that one is ready. In Re-imagining School, you added School of Open, should I remove “Creative Commons”? I went with the “big” brands, do you think we should use the individual projects instead? Does it even matter? :stuck_out_tongue:

@vanessa & @Jane – FWIW I’m planing on submitting all the Mozfest stuff right at the deadline, on Friday.

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Hey crew I’ve been underwater the past few days. Going to give some lovesauce to this today.

@laura - Awesome are maps session! @vanessa if you have any additional edits to that, they are welcome :smile:

re: big brands - let’s use both CC and SOO! def wanna mention SOO in there as well. :smile:

I’ll submit the Webmaker maps session on Fri as well.

@laura submitted soo + teachtheweb mapping proposal!

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