Mozilla Learning + SOO

We should team up/join Mozilla in whatever they’re doing – expand our networks!

I don’t think it matters so much under what moniker SOO uses, as long as the learning about open licensing, tools, and resources are embedded into all these related initiatives.

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Hi @Jane you might be interested in attending our Community Education Working group call next week: . We’re focused on building educational content for community, but this call has participation from across the Mozilla project (Webmaker MDN) as we’re interested in 'building together 'and leveraging each other’s work - participation from SOO would be awesome as well. Would love to hear more about what you’re doing :smile:

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Hey @Emma_Irwin! I’d love to, except that I’m traveling next week for CC. I’d love to join the next time you’re having a call though? Also interested in touching base separately after next week.

Hey @Jane our next call is Thursday:

Would love to see you. Also hoping @amaciel will join us.

I will try to be there :smile:

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